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    Visible Body My Incredible Body v3.1.12


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    Visible Body My Incredible Body v3.1.12

    Post by Admin on Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:29 pm

    Visible Body My Incredible Body v3.1.12 | 515 MB

    My Incredible Body lets kids investigate, experience, and learn human anatomy in a fun, dynamic new way. Explore visually stunning, medically accurate 3D anatomy models. Learn amazing facts about how the body works. Fly through the different body systems, pausing to take a look around. Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award.

    What does it include?

    Medically accurate 3D models and animations of anatomical structures are the hallmark of My Incredible Body. Content includes coverage of the following:

    Brain and nerves
    Lungs and air
    Bones of the skeleton
    Kidneys and urine
    Seeing, swallowing, digesting, breathing, and smelling
    Circulation and the heart
    Puberty and human reproduction

    Content is served in a variety of ways to help kids learn about the human body.

    Immersive 3D models allow kids to see inside the body, identify organs and other anatomical structures, and learn amazing anatomy facts about how the body works.
    Kids can use their mouse to virtually "dissect" 3D models. They can rotate and zoom in and out to see what their insides look like and how the structures work together.
    Kids can read and hear fun science facts about each anatomical structure-either with or without a virtual guide for exploration.
    Kids can virtually fly through the different body systems.
    Short animations provide educational explanations of the body's functions.



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